About Edge Forward

Edge Forward provides live, affordable, online training so you can achieve personal goals, or simply gain the edge in the marketplace.  The problem is that live training is often quite expensive, but not at Edge Forward.  All of our standard courses are the same price, $22.95
And at Edge Forward, we believe that live training make all the difference in the world.
Our philosophy centers on convenience, excellence, cost, and sharing.  By minimizing overhead and utilizing best-in-class vendors, Edge Forward can deliver state-of-the-art, live, online training and promote the following values:


All Edge Forward sessions are offered at the same low rate of $19.95 US. We remain committed to providing the best in online training for Microsoft® Office applications with a pricing model that is attainable to individuals and small businesses as well as corporations. We believe that we can offer a great value (even in a tight economy) to those who desire to maximize their time using these applications so as to get the edge they need.


Each session incorporates Edge Forward's custom methodology designed to make the material memorable, speedy, and practical when you apply it in the real world. Unlike canned or prerecorded training, Edge Forward uses live instruction and each one hour session is followed by a thirty-minute segment for emailed questions and live answers. Additional post-session information is made available to help with any unanswered questions. Also, printable one-page summaries, listing some tips and tricks for each feature, will be made available to all course attendees.


You can register for a session in minutes and choose the day and time that works the best with your schedule. Courses are described by the main features (typically six) that are covered in each and sized in such a way that you do not have to pay for or sit through hours of training that you don't need. Simply join the course from your home, office, or favorite internet hot spot and enjoy what state-of-the-art webinar technology has to offer. All you need is a headset, or a computer with speakers (a phone can be used for audio as well), and a reliable internet connection.


Through partnerships with schools and community agencies, and the development of programs for the under-resourced, Edge Forward will poise itself to provide low-cost and no-cost training as a part of its sharing initiative. A portion of every registration dollar will be used to "give back," because impacting just one life in a positive way can make all the difference in the world!


Edge Forward is dedicated to building an organization whose core competency is the delivery of convenient, affordable, online, excellent education and training that remains accessible to small businesses and individual users. We plan to expand our course offerings beyond Microsoft® Word into the full family of Office products by the end of 2010. In 2011 we will provide a variety of new courses covering areas outside of Microsoft® Office and the software market. We also look forward to delivering our training in multiple languages as we grow.

Our business model provides for rapid expansion through the development of a worldwide team of leaders trained in Edge Forward's custom methodology and incentivized through a leadership sharing process. Employees poised to advance with Edge Forward will have the opportunity to gain a vested interest in the company and thereby have a motive to uphold the high standards foundational to present and future growth.

Edge Forward will continually emphasize the sharing principle upon which it was established. Significant investments will be made to assist the under-resourced through establishing partnerships with schools and community agencies.


Edge Forward is a new company started by a former electrical engineer, systems analyst, and professional communicator who began using some of the Microsoft® Office family of products in 1988 (prior to them being bundled under the Office name). After using these products in various ways (administrative/managerial, IT, personal use) while working for large (Fortune 100) and small companies of diverse disciplines (technical, retail, insurance, non-profit), he found that many people unknowingly miss the impact that this software can have on their personal, business, and charitable pursuits. Rather than leverage these incredible tools, he experienced that numbers of Office users simply "get by" and take little advantage of the many features intentionally designed for their benefit.

A survey of the training landscape along with personal experience as a continuing-education student, conference attendee, and call-in support user led to the realization that there were excellent opportunities on either end of the development spectrum, but not much in the middle. More specifically, there was an abundance of training for corporate customers with a lot of money, personnel, and time to invest in educational programs. There was also a lot of inexpensive (often free) help available for those interested in quick answers to basic questions. However, there was not much for the small business and individual user--those who did not have the time, support system and excess training dollars to afford the corporate solutions, and who desired more than the basic information available with the "canned," low cost options.

That led to the experiment of helping friends with simple tips and ideas. That experiment went so well that the decision was made to start a business to provide live, affordable, online training in Microsoft® Office applications to help people gain the edge over their competition. With a downturn in the economy, Edge Forward is especially poised to offer just the help that many people need to outperform others and gain security in the marketplace.